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    What’s it all about? – this internet business? I know from experience it’s a great way for companies to communicate across vast distances… But, what’s it all about? I mean REALLY? I’ve made so many friends over this ‘internet’ thing – fuck, you’re reading this for why? friends are friends whether they be people you meet up with regularly, or maybe just people you know.. I reckon 90% of the regular visitors to my blog are people I’ve never met – and yet they are my friends, people I share something with – people I relate to. I hate seeing […]

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    I’m annoyed. No, that’s wrong – I’m EXTREMELY annoyed. I can count my true friends on (just about) both hands, and I’d do anything for them. When they ask me for anything, be it advice, or help with something, I just do it – that’s me. It’s part of me I learnt from my dad. When they ask for advice though, and then go and do the fucking opposite, it pisses me off – why fucking ask if you’re not going to listen? Whether they be male or female, the advice I give is as unbiased as I can possibly […]

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