What’s it all about? – this internet business?

    I know from experience it’s a great way for companies to communicate across vast distances…

    But, what’s it all about? I mean REALLY?

    I’ve made so many friends over this ‘internet’ thing – fuck, you’re reading this for why? friends are friends whether they be people you meet up with regularly, or maybe just people you know..

    I reckon 90% of the regular visitors to my blog are people I’ve never met – and yet they are my friends, people I share something with – people I relate to. I hate seeing them (their blog posts) sad, I’m so happy when they post happily…I laugh when they post a funny entry…I feel for them when they’re down. I honestly wish all their posts were like mine – I try to be light hearted and funny (yeah, try and sue me you fuckers), but it hurts me when they hurt – it really does. My life is going great right now – but I feel for my friends 🙂

    So…I’m giving a HUGE hug to those who read this, you know who you are 🙂 I’m not perfect – far from it, but I know you’ll be there when I need it 🙂

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    5 thoughts on “T'interwebs…

    1. I use my blog as my sanity ground. I don’t talk to the people in my offline world about things I talk to the whole http://www.world about.
      For some reason there is a safety in talking to some of the best friends I’ve never met about things I can’t really talk about to people in my offline life. Strange isn’t it?
      I’m also under the belief that no one really reads my blog, though my comments and counter tell me differently.
      Tis true you are predominately happy, and it can be contagious, unless you actually talk to me and tell me when you are sad, it can be rather difficult to tell you aren’t up. I can tell more by what you aren’t saying, than anything else. The fact we have never met and are in different countries has never made you any less a real friend, in fact you’re probably a better friend because I have been able to tell you anything and admit things to you that I don’t admit to just anyone.
      When it comes right down to it, you’re one of the top three best friends I’ve never met and you have been for years.
      Who else would help me fix my computer through texting just for another venue to show off your amazing brilliance?
      Where’s Auto? **innocent look**

    2. I’m not one to say this too much – but whabbs, I truly love you 🙂 for what you’ve just written, and all the shit you’ve helped me through 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

    3. Ditto what whabs said. I have a few real life friends with whom I share a lot, but for the most part–it’s my blog that is my comfort zone for discussing things that are too raw. I count on my online friends to support me, soothe me, make me laugh, and call out my bullshit. I am blessed to count both of you in that number.

      1. And, snee, your ability to make me laugh even when I am in such pain is truly a gift. Thank you for that.

    4. Great post! Truly shows what kind of person you are. I agree with the fact that sometimes it’s easier to talk with someone that you know but have never met. Sometimes, this thing called blogging is a venting tool, sometimes it’s a “getting to know me” tool. Whatever it’s purpose, I’m glad we have it. I don’t want to know what it would be like to not hear what’s going on in your lives. I find myself doing something in my every day life or something will make me laugh and I think “ooooooh something to blog about, can’t wait to tell them this!” (yeah, I know but I never blog..nag nag nag!) 😉 I will soon- gotta get some things straightened out first! Thanks for being you- you rock!!!

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