What a great night…

    The Tudor had a Halloween party last night – what a laugh 🙂 of course, more people could have made an effort and dressed up, but there was a lot of people who did, and the night went really well – I was a zombie:


    Anyway, I’m off for a bath, then down to London 🙂 pictures are up on Flikr…

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    0 thoughts on “What a great night…

    1. I’m a zombie everyday. Mmmmmmm Brainsssssssssssssssssssssssss!

      Try drinking REAL strong coffee and stay away from the decaf!

    2. Brrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaainnnnnnnnzzzzzz! You can haz mine. I no want. Still, you look cute as a button, even as a zombie.

    3. I thought this was your friend, not you! Scary stuff!! I at some point will put up Katie’s picture of her as a witch…she wanted any costume as long as it was all about the make up- when she got home, she said “I never want to wear make up again!” It was smeared all over the place!! I haven’t dressed up in forever…maybe I’ll go as Mary had a little lamb and tie a damn goat behind my ass! 🙂

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