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    Just let me say now: I’m fed up with being the mediator, the guy who gets between twats with issues – FUCK YOU ALL! Bollocks to the lot ofย  you – next time I’m gonna stand back and let it go. YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF BACK-STABBING CUNTS… I had a great day today until I went back to the Tudor. I’m not going in there again. Job done, find another twat to do what I did. I don’t get paid for it, I don’t deserve the shit…fuck you all very much and goodbye.

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    This is my life:

    So, off to Stansted early Thursday morning to catch a flight to Prestwick. Did my usual thing of stopping at the 24 hours garage before setting off and checked the oil, water, tyre pressures etc. (this does become relevant), then drove to Stansted, parked up in the long stay and jumped on the flight. Arriving at Prestwick, I was surprised nobody met me off the flight as usually happens (I don’t have a security pass, so cannot go airside). I wandered up to the information desk (doubles as security) and asked if they had a number for the Ryanair hangar, […]

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