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    Just let me say now: I’m fed up with being the mediator, the guy who gets between twats with issues – FUCK YOU ALL! Bollocks to the lot of  you – next time I’m gonna stand back and let it go. YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF BACK-STABBING CUNTS… I had a great day today until I went back to the Tudor. I’m not going in there again. Job done, find another twat to do what I did. I don’t get paid for it, I don’t deserve the shit…fuck you all very much and goodbye.

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    I think Ryanair rocks…

    And not just ‘cos I’m contracted to work for them either… I mean – that part is shit…I’m a duty passenger so I have to wait for everyone to check in before I know for certain I have a seat… The staff are awesome (although I’ve never met one of the Ryanair Calendar girls…) – for short haul flights, they do their job very well… So why does everyone diss Ryanair? I give you this. I’m sorry, but to me the key words in this article are “Ryanair apologised for the disruption. It arranged free ferry transfers to Lanzarote and […]

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