I think Ryanair rocks…

    And not just ‘cos I’m contracted to work for them either…

    I mean – that part is shit…I’m a duty passenger so I have to wait for everyone to check in before I know for certain I have a seat…

    The staff are awesome (although I’ve never met one of the Ryanair Calendar girls…) – for short haul flights, they do their job very well…

    So why does everyone diss Ryanair?

    I give you this.

    I’m sorry, but to me the key words in this article are “Ryanair apologised for the disruption. It arranged free ferry transfers to Lanzarote and said hotel refunds apply” fair enough eh? especially after:

    A family has complained that budget airline Ryanair left them stranded on the “wrong” Canary Island after their flight to Lanzarote hit thunderstorms.

    WTF? are airlines now responsible for the weather?

    Kay Wright, 40, of Poole, Dorset, said staff did not help them to find a hotel after their diversion to Fuerteventura.

    Aw bless…then fuck off back home you cunt.

    Miss Wright had set off from Bournemouth Airport with children Jack, six, and George, five; stepdaughter Tabatha, 23; and her three-year-old daughter Kacey on Wednesday.

    They finally arrived at Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, on Thursday.

    Miss Wright’s boyfriend, Tony Wainwright, 48, told Bournemouth’s Daily Echo newspaper: “I don’t blame Ryanair for the bad weather but to abandon a family, on the wrong island, is unforgivable.

    That’s big of him huh? he doesn’t blame Ryanair for the weather, but hey – BECAUSE of the weather, they had to land on another island…and (OMFG) the airline didn’t pay for a room?* (rewind to the bit where he says “I don’t blame Ryanair for the bad weather”)

    Complete pair of cunts – I’ve personally met O’Leary, and he’s a fucking nice guy (free tickets to sneesh@sneesh.com please), the whole Ryanair people are great – a shoestring outfit, but everyone of them is awesome…(was gonna list some names here, but thought I’d better not – Data Protection Act and stuff…)

    I love Ryanair 🙂

    But hey, Brian, Ana, Maria, Agnieszka (sp?), Nico, and all the guys/girls I’ve met in various places around Europe – you’ve all made me feel at home with you, and I love you for it 🙂

    Get off Ryanair’s back – they do a great job!

    *Ryanair apologised for the disruption. It arranged free ferry transfers to Lanzarote and said hotel refunds apply.

    EDIT: Why don’t I get a free calendar? have you seen these women?

    I give you September 2009 (my birthday month):

    You know you would...

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