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    Apparently I “move too quietly”

    😐 Tuesday is steak night at the Gash (the local Wetherspoon), so Darren and I decided to go and eat some cow. A pleasant evening was had – lots of chatting while eating our cow-based meals, and a couple of pints were imbibed (it’s quite weird going out on a Tuesday night – you don’t want to drink too much ‘cos it’s not even halfway through the week*) Leaving relatively early, I arrived back at Lisa’s at about 9.30 or so and let myself in – this in itself is a relatively noisy affair, as my key tends to stick […]

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    Heh heh…

    Another good Friday (that’d make a GREAT film name), spoke to Psycho Tony and made my point clear, drank the pub out of Stella, sent another text to Harriett declaring my undying love etc. then came home and opened a bottle of red wine. The travesty is, having risen from my pit, I noticed I’d not finished the bottle (my dad would’ve given me so much stick for that – it’s just not the Bennett/French way) so, glass of cheeky Merlot for pre-breakfast, then quick bath and down to the Gash for brekkie. As an aside: you know you were […]

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