Apparently I “move too quietly”


    Tuesday is steak night at the Gash (the local Wetherspoon), so Darren and I decided to go and eat some cow.

    A pleasant evening was had – lots of chatting while eating our cow-based meals, and a couple of pints were imbibed (it’s quite weird going out on a Tuesday night – you don’t want to drink too much ‘cos it’s not even halfway through the week*)

    Leaving relatively early, I arrived back at Lisa’s at about 9.30 or so and let myself in – this in itself is a relatively noisy affair, as my key tends to stick a bit, so I mutter to myself trying to free it. After successfully retrieving the key form the outside of the lock, closing the door and relocking it (then the 30 second struggle to get the key out of the lock again), I took off my shoes and wandered into the lounge where the delightful Lisa had her back to me, sorting out ironing and stuff.

    Not wanting to surprise her by speaking, I sat on the edge of the sofa and watched her while making faces at the cat sat on the windowsill. Some 10 minutes later, she finally noticed me.

    Hence the comment “I move too quietly.”

    Pffft – would it be better to sound like an elephant running around I ask you?

    *Thursday night (curry night!) is a different matter – I only work half a day on the Friday so can cope with being slightly hungover.

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    12 thoughts on “Apparently I “move too quietly”

    1. First you struggled to open one of the cupboards in the kitchen without getting your finger trapped. NOW you struggle to open the front door because your “key tends to stick a bit”, (now I’ve had keys cut for my son, neighbour, parents, sister, ex-husband and even the cleaner and NOBODY else seems to struggle…could it be a case of ‘user error’???) 🙄

      Oh, and I’m seriously considering putting one of those collars with bells on you, like the cats have. 😛

      1. You forgot to mention the cupboard in the bedroom that I haz trubble clozing 🙂

        Anyhoo – I’ve taken the edges off my key so it shouldn’t give me a problem anymore 😛

        1. You struggle to put the lid back on the top of aftershave balm as well, but I wasn’t gonna mention that… 😉 hehe

          1. Pffft – I DID make the bed though 🙂

            1. Why does it look like I’VE written that last comment about making the bed?? Am I a victim of identify theft??????

              (Yes, you did make the bed and it was beautifully done … thank you) Mwah 😀

    2. So finally u’ve got some1 to do ur ironing… Cooool lol

    3. Heh – not that I had any to do…

      Lisa – I was logged in as you to clear the nag from the dashboard and didn’t notice when I posted.

      1. So glad my efforts are appreciated… 😐

      2. You logged in as me to clear the ‘nag’? Not sure if I’ve been insulted or not!! 😐

        1. Not an insult 🙂 it was a nagging reminder about one of the plugins that appeared when you logged in – just logged in as you to clear it 🙂

    4. Cleaner??? LIsa has cleaner??? Wow, she’s well posh , 🙂

      1. Not posh … just lazy!! 😀

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