Spider hands, spider hands…

    So, laying in bed last night, Lisa was rubbing my back, when she suddenly stopped, looked slightly worried, then dissolved in streams of laughter (and I’m talking STREAMS – tears were running down her face etc.)

    I finally got her to say what was up, and her reply?

    “I was rubbing your back, and saw my hand on your shoulder and thought it was a spider…”


    You just can’t make this stuff up…

    Been a long week: up to Prestwick on Tuesday to test and inspect all of their jacks/tooling while they’re on summer shutdown (the aircrafdt industry generally do all their maintenance in the winter months when they aren’t flying so many aircraft).

    Flew back Thursday afternoon so THAT’S why I’ve not blogged…

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    7 thoughts on “Spider hands, spider hands…

    1. In my defence, I was tired! 😐

      1. Obviously…or you’d never have explained to me 😉


        1. I’d love to say that I’ll never make that mistake again, but… 😐

    2. You’ve had enough time to be sarcastic on Facebook, but not enough to blog?? You’re getting lazy, snee. Very lazy… 🙄

      1. That or I’ve been very, very busy today…

    3. read:

      That or I’ve been very, very lazy today…grab me a Guinness.

      1. STILL no update…!!! 😐

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