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    11 thoughts on “A new link in my Blogroll…

    1. Woot!

      I’m all excited. Will we get to see pictures of her butt?

      And you may mention your thanks now, but just wait until she starts blogging about your sex life, or wishing you’d do more chores around the house, or how you ate her damn chocolate when she had really bad PMS so she wants to gouge your eyeballs out with one of those stupid little “I <3 NY" collector spoons.

      THEN you may not be thanking me, but instead writing me hate mail about what an evil girl I am. Mwhahahaha!

      PS – when I tried to post this I got an internal 500 error 3 times.

      1. I think he beat me to the ‘blogging about our sex life’ in his list of reasons why he thinks he’s lucky!! 😎

        He’s already said that I don’t let him do any jobs around the house and I should … so I asked him to make the bed this morning (you know – properly make it and not just chuck the pillows back on!). You should have heard the fuss he made! Moan, moan, moan!! Maybe I shouldn’t have told him that I was going to change the bed later anyway… 🙄

        As for a picture of my butt – the world isn’t ready for that just yet… 😯

        1. I don’t make the bed, and neither does TFL. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we had our sheets all smooth and the bedding properly put on. I’d assume it was probably when we got a 12 hour notice of inspection of the house. I’d say that was the last time (4 months ago) that our bed was made.

          We wash our linens on a regular basis, but basically just dump them on the bed and figure “good enough”. Hmmm, maybe I should work on that eh?

          1. I LOVE a freshly made bed! Although I enjoy getting it all mussed-up again even more!! 😉

    2. …with no idea how to use it! 😯

    3. I still don’t Lisa! I just do whatever I can and hope it’s not that bad. Glad you’re on board with the rest of us!! 🙂

      1. On the positive side…if I can’t work out how to do something, I have my very own ‘Tech Support’ who is SOOOO easily bribed! 😉

    4. snee, I had to re-do the link to your blog, but it worked!! Feeling very smug! (simple things eh?) 😀


      1. Hehehe, you tell him, Arie!!! 🙂

        1. I’ve updated already… 😛

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