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    Well, that's that…

    Had my op yesterday to remove the plate from my ankle – pretty quick too – I was at the hospital for 7am, in theatre for about 10.45, back on the ward for 12.30 and out by 2pm. Pain was quite intense for a few hours, but slept ok thanks to some good ‘painkillers’ and TLC from nurse Harriett. They wouldn’t let me keep the metalwork – I thought it’d make a cool keyring or paperweight or summat, but hey – at least it’s gone now. Oh well, my weekend’s started early 🙂

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    Phones…love 'em or hate 'em…

    Way back in 2000, I made the comment that I’d never have a mobile phone… Skip forward a couple of years and now I feel naked if my phone isn’t within reach – I just upgraded to the Nokia N95 8gb: I love it! it does just about everything 🙂 the camera (5 megapixel) is sharp, the wireless network browser works a treat – I’ve only had it a week, but it’s my baby…still have to setup the GPS and assign voice tags to contacts – all that fun stuff. I’m all paid up for my holiday in June (that’s […]

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