Phones…love 'em or hate 'em…

    Way back in 2000, I made the comment that I’d never have a mobile phone…

    Skip forward a couple of years and now I feel naked if my phone isn’t within reach – I just upgraded to the Nokia N95 8gb:

    Nokia N95 8gb

    I love it! it does just about everything 🙂 the camera (5 megapixel) is sharp, the wireless network browser works a treat – I’ve only had it a week, but it’s my baby…still have to setup the GPS and assign voice tags to contacts – all that fun stuff.

    I’m all paid up for my holiday in June (that’s gonna be a great month – Foo Fighters at Wembley on the 6th, then fly off to sunny Spain on the 17th for a week with Harriett, the kids, her mum and Richard).

    I goto hospital next Monday so they can assess whether the op to remove the plate and screws from my ankle (booked on the 24th April) will go ahead – I hope it does, the screws are working their way out and even wearing socks is quite painful. Of course, the scar won’t be as neat as it looks now…

    Recently a few friends have commented that I look like I’ve lost weight so yesterday I weighed myself – I’ve put ON 4lb, not lost weight. I have cut down on my beer intake so I’ve lost the bit of a beer belly I had. I’ve no idea where the 4lb has gone to. Got to exercise more so I’ve got a 6 pack to show off on the beach 🙂

    Time to goto work – I hate this cold weather, it plays havoc with my ankle. This time last year it was warm and sunny.

    Next Tuesday is one year to the day that Harriett and I first got together – a year and we’ve not really had an argument (well, trivial stuff, mainly sexual *grin*).

    I could go on about work, how B757 jacks are my nemesis right now, but that’d just bore y’all.

    Why can’t I be funny like Scaryduck?

    Oh, I’m still really into driving – I love it – so relaxing just cruising about. Harriett’s put me on her insurance for her car and her campervan and I can borrow a company vehicle pretty much anytime so I don’t even need to spend out on a car of my own right now…life is good.

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