What a weekend THAT was

    I had a great time – Friday I was the designated driver when Harriett and me went to Baldock. Had a couple of drinks with her brothers (I was hoping Christian would have come back to town with us), then back to St Neots and into town with Harriett and 2 of her friends – cue me getting very, very drunk (Harriett was already drunk so her friend was giving me her drinks and giving her water).

    Didn’t get out of bed until 2pm and got straight back on the beer. When I got a call from Harriett to say I had to go back over Baldock, I let her know she’d have to drive as I was shitfaced a little bit drunk.

    So, what should have been a 30 minute trek turned into nearly 4 hours – it was midnight when I got back to town and immediately rang my mate who manages the Tudor to see if I could get a late drink – and I could 🙂

    So it was about 3am when I left there, spend an hour or so at Harriett’s then went wandering.

    Sunday was more of the same – the highlight was seeing Man Utd. beat the gooner scum ensuring they (once again) win nothing this season – Harriett says I hate Arsenal more than I love Spurs…and she’s right 🙂

    Having not slept all weekend, I shared a curry with her last night, then fell asleep. And so here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Monday morning.

    I go to the hospital today for a health assessment to see if I’m okay to have my op later this month – think I’ve broken my finger too so I’ll get that checked out while I’m there.

    Did I mention that Arsenal have (once again) won nothing? 🙂

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