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    Bloody weather…

    It’s been lovely lately – as you can see from the latest Flikr pictures, London had warm, sunny weather over the weekend b) and since then it’s been really nice… …Except for today – it’s raining, cold and miserable 🙁 On the bright side, at least I hadn’t planned a trip to Cambridge today (don’t forget your wellies Harriett! 😉 ), but listening to the rain drum down is starting to annoy me. And so, I took a trip to the painters next door to check on some jacks we’re having sprayed. After discussing what needed masking off and such […]

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    70 hours…

    And we’ll be taking off for Morocco 🙂 I really should start thinking about packing I guess…so much to do: get a haircut, have a shave (although I look kinda Muslim with my beard I’ve been told). Got to give Brian (lodger #1) instructions on feeding Gif – the cat will try to get extra food, greedy fat bastard! And tomorrow is Ewa’s (lodger #2) birthday – Dennis will be back so we’ll go out and celebrate that, then Saturday to recover a little and off Sunday morning. Poor Harriett – she said she’d drive us to the airport, but […]

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