Bloody weather…

    It’s been lovely lately – as you can see from the latest Flikr pictures, London had warm, sunny weather over the weekend b) and since then it’s been really nice…

    …Except for today – it’s raining, cold and miserable 🙁

    On the bright side, at least I hadn’t planned a trip to Cambridge today (don’t forget your wellies Harriett! 😉 ), but listening to the rain drum down is starting to annoy me.

    And so, I took a trip to the painters next door to check on some jacks we’re having sprayed. After discussing what needed masking off and such details, I said “You DO know these are to be blue right?” (we ALWAYS spray in Golden Yellow 🙂 )

    The look of total panic on her face was a picture, and it was a nimble footed me that skipped out of the way from a right hander…

    Passes the time eh?

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