Update on my big red ball

      TGND’s been kinda slack at blogging recently – with the last elastic band ball update in May. Well, today I got the Official Ruler and made good use (well, almost – I’m a crap photographer) of the office digital camera: Now, as this ball is made up entirely of the red elastic bands that come wrapped around the mail – can I claim it to be “By Royal Appointment to HRH…” or would I just be risking the wrath of our good Liz? Anyhoo, at just over 5″ diameter (127.000254mm for the metric monsters out there) it’ll soon be […]

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    Random Friday stuff

    Whilst moving between offices this morning, I happened upon TGND so settled in for a bit of a geeky chat. It all started promisingly: “Have you heard of Geek Squad?” he asks. “It rings a vague bell.” says I. “I’m gonna call them and have a dictaphone to record them…” he goes on, with an evil smirk. “Why’s that?” I enquire. “I’m gonna ask them some questions regarding Linux, and when they say they don’t do Linux, I’m gonna say ‘What kind of geeks are you? you’re not geeks, you’re nerds!’” I had to agree with him there. The conversation […]

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