Random Friday stuff

    Whilst moving between offices this morning, I happened upon TGND so settled in for a bit of a geeky chat.

    It all started promisingly:

    “Have you heard of Geek Squad?” he asks.
    “It rings a vague bell.” says I.
    “I’m gonna call them and have a dictaphone to record them…” he goes on, with an evil smirk.
    “Why’s that?” I enquire.
    “I’m gonna ask them some questions regarding Linux, and when they say they don’t do Linux, I’m gonna say ‘What kind of geeks are you? you’re not geeks, you’re nerds!'”

    I had to agree with him there.

    The conversation then went on with me noting that there was only 1/2 hour and an hour until the weekend (I have no idea why I said it that way either).

    This led him to (mildly) rant about how old people say strange things regarding time: “5 and 20 to 4.” and such.

    Somehow this led to us discussing whether time would exist after the end of the world (I know, I know). Personally I think it would:

    “What’s the time now?”
    “20 minutes past the end of the world…”
    “Damn, did you set the video for Eastenders?”

    Random Fridays – I love ’em

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