Corina vs. Excel

    Oh I know everyone who reads this is aware who Corina is…my co-worker and the person who single handedly ensures mucho hilarity in the workplace 🙂

    Well, today she didn’t fail to (almost) make me wet myself laughing…

    It all started on Thursday last week – she was wanting to close off the accounts for the end of September (our year end too) and was having trouble balancing the totals – she was 5p out.

    Now, personally, I’d have just shrugged and written it off, but for some reason Corina thought she’d find it. And so Thursday, Friday and Monday she tried – to no avail.

    This morning, I (being the helpful soul I am) asked if there was anything I could do to help. “Yes,” she says “‘If you wouldn’t mind adding these figures to make sure I didn’t total them wrong.”

    So I fire up Excel and enter the figures – credits, debits and total them – getting the correct figure.


    Now when I tell Corina, she doesn’t believe me, so I print off the page. She checks the list of figures and can’t work out why she has a different total.

    Did I mention I’m a helpful chap? well, I tell her to give me her list and I’ll compare it to mine.

    Within 10 seconds of me getting her list I said “I’ve solved your problem…”

    “What was it?” says Corina.
    “Well, you never specified Excel to treat the columns as having 2 decimal places, so it’s rounded up the total.”

    I then formatted her columns as 2 decimal places and lo and behold – the correct figure appeared.

    Poor girl didn’t know whether to thank me or cry…

    Bless her.

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