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    I know, but it’s a slow week (I was SUPPOSED to have the week off but had to goto Bristol). Anyway, last week’s QOTW was a cracker 🙂 and the new one has just came out: ‘IT Support’. This has the regulars in 2 camps – the IT geeks who’re rubbing their hands together and typing like maniacs, and the non-IT bods, who’re moaning like the non-IT bods they are… Of course, the “Did you try turning it off and ono again?” story has already been done to death, but I have some corkers ready to enter… The whole thing […]

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    I wanna be a monkey…

    Oh, this takes me back – back to those halycon days when Yahell chat was a FUN place to be – full of (mostly) good people 🙂 This is for whabbs, bu’er, Bren, 9er, Arie, Mike, Brock, Skullie, Jules (sorry, I’m shit with names, I apologise for forgetting the rest of my good friends): Play it loud and remember the days we all tagged onto the bots and took over rooms 🙂

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