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    I know, but it’s a slow week (I was SUPPOSED to have the week off but had to goto Bristol). Anyway, last week’s QOTW was a cracker 🙂 and the new one has just came out: ‘IT Support’. This has the regulars in 2 camps – the IT geeks who’re rubbing their hands together and typing like maniacs, and the non-IT bods, who’re moaning like the non-IT bods they are… Of course, the “Did you try turning it off and ono again?” story has already been done to death, but I have some corkers ready to enter… The whole thing […]

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    Did you try turning it off and on again?

    Found this: Cute/nice IT guy/PC specialist will fix your computer in exchange for a gentle feel of your boobs. I’m a totally non-creepy (really) professional who will repair your hard drive, back up files, install software and peripherals, whatever, for an innocent grope. I have a lot of tech knowledge in my life and regrettably no boobs. Serious inquiries only and thanks. I need to get some more cards done…;) What? Funny old weather we’re having now – we don’t usually get snow here (well, maybe an inch or so), and as a result of the snow the other week, […]

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    Weee…Friday again

    Yay! Spurs got a 1-1 draw in Cyprus last night to win 7-2 on aggregate and go through to the group stages of the UEFA Cup (draw takes place on Tuesday). Now all we need to do is pickup our League form – Liverpool away tomorrow, that wold be a great place to start winning and get us out of the bottom three… Munich Air Show next week – boss asked me to ‘tweak’ his business cards for him to include the alliance with Singapore Technologies and also to get some for myself. This led me to ponder for 10 […]

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