From the UEFA website: The Control and Disciplinary Body has also imposed a one-match ban on the Tottenham Hotspur FC assistant manager Joe Jordan following incidents that took place at their UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg against AC Milan in Italy on 15 February. What the blithering fuck? he gets a ban for NOT punching the fuck outta Gattuso?  

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    The resurgance continues

    COYS! Well, seems my earlier prediction wasn’t too far off – I was wrong it seems about ‘Arry not caring too much about the UEFA cup – he put out a team that annihiliated Dinamo Zagreb last night (apparently – I was too busy getting drunk to care to be honest). At least one side of life is going well…I struck out again in the relationship stakes – the woman I was seeing turned out to be married, and I’m not going down that road again, so she’s dumped. Bollocks. I miss Lee – I’d do anything to talk to […]

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    Weee…Friday again

    Yay! Spurs got a 1-1 draw in Cyprus last night to win 7-2 on aggregate and go through to the group stages of the UEFA Cup (draw takes place on Tuesday). Now all we need to do is pickup our League form – Liverpool away tomorrow, that wold be a great place to start winning and get us out of the bottom three… Munich Air Show next week – boss asked me to ‘tweak’ his business cards for him to include the alliance with Singapore Technologies and also to get some for myself. This led me to ponder for 10 […]

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