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    Back ache and sciatica

    Anyone who has had back pain resulting in sciatica will agree with me when I say: “It fucking hurts!” Basically, the idea is to treat the sciatica with drugs (woo!) and exercise to ‘move’ the pain back into the lower back, where, after the intense pain of sciatica, it feels like nothing. Or something like that… Anyhoo…after a couple of weeks of pretty bad pain, I think I’m finally through it – well, it’s not unbearable now, and I fully understand that once you mess up your back, you’re pretty much messed up for life. Sigh. Seems to be going […]

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    A new month

    My head hurts (quit the smug grin Rik) – I may have had 1 or 20 too many last night… But hey, it’s all good. Got the Foos on REALLY LOUD to blow away the cobwebs (maybe wake the neighbours too, but it’s 11 and everyone should be up), pot of coffee for fortification, and a hot bath waiting to soothe my weary bones. It’s not often I play pool, but last night I got the itch to play a few games – I like to play the odd game or 4, but it gets boring so quickly. I should […]

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    The resurgance continues


    COYS! Well, seems my earlier prediction wasn’t too far off – I was wrong it seems about ‘Arry not caring too much about the UEFA cup – he put out a team that annihiliated Dinamo Zagreb last night (apparently – I was too busy getting drunk to care to be honest). At least one side of life is going well…I struck out again in the relationship stakes – the woman I was seeing turned out to be married, and I’m not going down that road again, so she’s dumped. Bollocks. I miss Lee – I’d do anything to talk to […]

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