Back ache and sciatica

    Anyone who has had back pain resulting in sciatica will agree with me when I say: “It fucking hurts!”

    Basically, the idea is to treat the sciatica with drugs (woo!) and exercise to ‘move’ the pain back into the lower back, where, after the intense pain of sciatica, it feels like nothing.

    Or something like that…

    Anyhoo…after a couple of weeks of pretty bad pain, I think I’m finally through it – well, it’s not unbearable now, and I fully understand that once you mess up your back, you’re pretty much messed up for life. Sigh.

    Seems to be going really well with Kathy – didn’t get to see her last week (we all went out in town to commemorate 1 year since Lee died – RIP mate), so I’ll be down this weekend 🙂

    Works out quite well actually – I’m down in Gatwick Monday, so looks like I can stop over at hers, and go from there Monday morning (saves me battling the traffic on the A1 in the rush hour)

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    1. I feel like breaking things…glass sounds pretty to my ears when it smashes. Maybe its time to hit chat and be a total fucking gash because I’m tired of being nice.

    2. You need to get your eyes checked Mr insignificant!

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