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    Back ache and sciatica

    Anyone who has had back pain resulting in sciatica will agree with me when I say: “It fucking hurts!” Basically, the idea is to treat the sciatica with drugs (woo!) and exercise to ‘move’ the pain back into the lower back, where, after the intense pain of sciatica, it feels like nothing. Or something like that… Anyhoo…after a couple of weeks of pretty bad pain, I think I’m finally through it – well, it’s not unbearable now, and I fully understand that once you mess up your back, you’re pretty much messed up for life. Sigh. Seems to be going […]

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    Mid week blues (AKA: Poo shifter)

    Well, here we are again – what with working all over the place, seeing Kathy at the weekends, and private work, I just don’t seem to have the time to blog anymore. What I SHOULD do is set my phone up so I can blog direct from that…yet another thing to add to the list of ‘things to do that’ll make my life simpler’. My back hurts. A lot. It’s sciatica and means my left leg feels like the bones are being pulled out through my feet – quite uncomfortable actually. Went to the doctors yesterday and was told to […]

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