Tag: vodka

    A new month

    My head hurts (quit the smug grin Rik) – I may have had 1 or 20 too many last night… But hey, it’s all good. Got the Foos on REALLY LOUD to blow away the cobwebs (maybe wake the neighbours too, but it’s 11 and everyone should be up), pot of coffee for fortification, and a hot bath waiting to soothe my weary bones. It’s not often I play pool, but last night I got the itch to play a few games – I like to play the odd game or 4, but it gets boring so quickly. I should […]

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    One of those weekends

    You know the ones – where everyone seems to be on the same level and it’s just fun, fun, fun. Friday night it seemed everyone was just out to get drunk (yes, even I had 1 or 2 drinks *cough*). Let me see…there was Stella Artois (5 cans), large shots of Absinthe, then I went to the Tudor – Carlsberg, vodka, more Absinthe, discussions with Laura, Emma and Wendy about if we were lesbian (well, I am anyway), which women would we go with? seems Angelina Jolie came out favourite, then all the members of Girls Aloud. When I was […]

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