One of those weekends

    You know the ones – where everyone seems to be on the same level and it’s just fun, fun, fun.

    Friday night it seemed everyone was just out to get drunk (yes, even I had 1 or 2 drinks *cough*). Let me see…there was Stella Artois (5 cans), large shots of Absinthe, then I went to the Tudor – Carlsberg, vodka, more Absinthe, discussions with Laura, Emma and Wendy about if we were lesbian (well, I am anyway), which women would we go with? seems Angelina Jolie came out favourite, then all the members of Girls Aloud. When I was asked, I thought about it and replied “Anything with a pulse?”, then Harriett turned up and I kind of lost the plot – ended up in town (more Stella, Sambucca, WKD), followed by a kebab (lovely), drunken walking back to Harriett’s – we met up with Lisa and Craig on the way (about 3am – apparently they heard us from almost half a mile away), and ended up playing on the Wii, drinking Stella and Bailey’s until god knows what time in the morning.

    I crashed at Harriett’s (no way would I have been able to make it home) and woke up to find my chest was coloured in blue (I had no idea what that was about until I saw Dennis in the Tudor later).

    Saturday was recovery time. Met up with Lisa, Craig, Wendy and Dennis in the Tudor late on and got the gaps in my memory filled in – everyone was out of it Friday it seems.

    And today. Met up with Harriett for lunch in the Olde Sun (lovely – not as good as the Royal Oak’s lunches, but still awesome), then back into the Tudor for the football – Spurs deserved 3 points today, it was only David James in goal for Portsmouth that saved them – we could easily have been 6-0 up at half-time. James deservedly won man of the match there. Game ended 1-1.

    I’m hungry…no, I’m STARVING – need to get some food (I’m thinking chicken burger), then maybe a last beer in front of the TV and bed. Tomorrow I need to go shopping…bleah.

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    1. You have such a hard life (!). Have you any idea how jealous you make me?

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