The resurgance continues


    Well, seems my earlier prediction wasn’t too far off – I was wrong it seems about ‘Arry not caring too much about the UEFA cup – he put out a team that annihiliated Dinamo Zagreb last night (apparently – I was too busy getting drunk to care to be honest).

    At least one side of life is going well…I struck out again in the relationship stakes – the woman I was seeing turned out to be married, and I’m not going down that road again, so she’s dumped.


    I miss Lee – I’d do anything to talk to him right now 🙁

    EDIT: Been looking at the pictures on the BBC site about last night’s football – this shot of Ronaldinho made me think:

    I may have sat in that seat…

    And now off to see if I can find some footage of the game…

    Heh – found it…

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    3 thoughts on “The resurgance continues

    1. Well bummer!!! Well you know that saying, when you fall off a horse- gotta get back up on it? Ok I wasn’t good at sayings…but you get the jest! (i hope)
      Love, your friend over here!

    2. Hi there Snee!
      Yes,you may have sat in the same Ronaldinho’s seat.I do understand you’re proud of this:his goal yesterday vs Sporting Braga was terrifying.But the rest of the team was bad:I didn’t like coach Ancelotti’s choise of playing without Seedorf(a playing maker)and so both teams were just running and running and running all the game long without ideas.Our defence was not so good:it runned the risk of getting two goals.I must say we were lucky,the right final score could be equal(is it correct?I mean 0-0;1-1;2-2).
      I wish a good weekend to you and a good championship to your favourite team.
      Kind regards
      Fabio(Bountyfoto on Flickr)

    3. Hey Fabio,

      Much the same for us Spurs fans in England – now Harry’s taken over it seems we’ve got self belief back though, so onwards and upwards (in the League)! and hopefully we can beat Liverpool again next week in the Carling Cup…COYS!

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