Full of FAIL…*

    So, deciding I need another coffee fix, I headed out of the office towards the Vending Machine of Doom™. On the way, I spotted Nick leaning on the wall, typing into his phone.

    Now, considering that I was looking at a handful of change to see what I was gonna put in said coffee machine, it was probably NOT the best thing to say:

    “You look like a cheap hooker standing there like that…”

    Hence the title…

    Oh, must mention though – my mum got me a car yesterday 🙂 it’s a white Vauxhall Astra 1.8CD 16v…and it’s lovely 🙂

    And so this part of the post is full of WIN!*

    *Courtesy of Scaryduck

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    0 thoughts on “Full of FAIL…*

    1. But it’s fucking funny, and I needed that, so I would say, epic WIN!

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