Same ol', same ol'…

    Well, it appears that I may be single again…not confirmed yet – but the “we need to talk about us” text last night kind of says it all (and the lack of replies to my calls/texts since).

    Oh well. A good friend has informed me that Marina was too good for me – too pretty, and not enough of a pisshead. Thanks mate.

    Bollocks. And now I’m stressed out while waiting for the inevitable call for ‘The Talk™’

    Oh, and it’s Monday too – fucksocks.

    EDIT: Popped home at lunchtime ‘cos I had to get some petrol so took the opportunity to check my post. Now, remember a while back I won a trip for 2 to Milan for the weekend? 🙂 well, I’ve won a trip for 2 to Paris for the weekend! woo!

    Just have to figure out who to take with me now…

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    0 thoughts on “Same ol', same ol'…

    1. Sorry about that. She’s a loser if she can’t see what a great guy you are. Hopefully the text meant something else!!

    2. Are you going to eat Horse while in Paris?

    3. Sucky. You’re the one who’s too good for her, snee. You remember that.

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