Ok, now I realise that shopping's not ALL bad…

    The printer at work had run out of ink, so I gallantly offered to go get a new one…and off I went – totally forgetting that Thursday is market day in St Neots when all the inbreds villagers come to the town market.

    Anyway, off to the big Tesco down the bypass – no ink cartridges of the type I needed. No problem thinks I, I’ll drive into town to Cartridge World and get one there…

    And so off I went – still blissfully ignorant of the fact is was Thursday, well, until I got closer to town and the traffic bought the awful realisation to me – but t’was too late, my mission was half accomplished, so onwards I went. Cartridge World is a tiny shop off the High Street so I thought I’d park outside, nip in, do the business (fnar, fnar), then fuck off sharpish before a traffic nazi warden gave me a ticket for parking on double yellow lines. But, that wasn’t gonna happen, so I sighed inwardly, parked in a car park and paid 50p for an hour, thinking I’d wander into town proper and grab a hot, tasty treat from the bakers.

    Well, to start with, Cartridge World had sold the last of the type I wanted 20 minutes previously (yeah, right), but would be getting some in tomorrow…handy that eh? Then, to make matters worse, the bakers was crammed full of the aforementioned inbreds villagers and kids – fucking half term too!.

    By now my genial mood was somewhat diminished as I got back to my car, thinking “I have a car park ticket – I’ll go to Argos, park up in the car park opposite and get the bloody cartridge there…” and off I drove.

    Now, when I parked up, I went to put the ticket back in the window to show I’d paid, and it suddenly occurred to me – they actually print the specific car park you paid for on the ticket! can you believe that? in theory I should have paid twice for an hour each time (minimum period) at 50p a go, when in fact I used only 10 minutes of parking…

    Fuck it, thought I, I’ll just go to Argos, get the cartridge and if I get a parking ticket, I’ll go to the council offices and shove it up someone’s arse.

    Got back to the car – no ticket 🙂 so I went home, had a poo, then back to work.


    Oh yeah – the good bit? while I was in Tesco, a couple of their aisles are badly laid out and have columns in the centre – some kid was running down the aisle away from his mum, she shouted at him, so he looked round at her while still running – BLAM! straight into this column…I almost wet myself laughing, which, for some reason, she wasn’t very impressed at.


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    2 thoughts on “Ok, now I realise that shopping's not ALL bad…

    1. You get all the good shows. You must have very good karma.

    2. At least you didn’t post a picture of your poo, that would have been TMI!

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