Lazy post (sue me)

    Can’t be bothered right now, so I give you the track that I can’t decide is just fucking annoying, or pure quality:


    And some Green Day:


    And for some reason, that made me think of The Cure – I can’t believe this track is from 1979…awesome video though:


    Well, it’s Thursday people – tonight I’m going out and am gonna get so wasted…’cos the weekend is beckoning and I seriously need to get laid, and as we all know – I’m such a shy, retiring kinda guy, I can only talk to women when I’m pie-eyed.

    Heh…the weekend:


    Which made me think of this:


    Which, in turn, made me think of this (told you I need to get laid):


    I’m such a sucker for panties…and the woman at 2.44 is HOT!

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    0 thoughts on “Lazy post (sue me)

    1. narcotic thrust only!!!!! just a name of the band says it’s higly addictive… :-)love it!!!

      1. Heh – it was you that first brought that track to my attention…well, more so the video 🙂

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