Happy Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (happy now bu'er?)

    I’ve just got back from a few days of meetings etc. regarding the eASE website (this does seem to be taking up quite a bit of my time right now, but we can all make some money out of it and it seems I’m now pretty much in charge of how to go forward).

    So, sunny Bournemouth for 3 days šŸ™‚ and what a lovely hotel – The Chine – cost Ā£55 a night (included breakfast and evening meal) which is fucking cheap! and what a place…swimming pool, snooker room, gym, jacuzzi…best of all, my room had a lovely sea view šŸ™‚

    And before anyone asks – no, I don’t need an assistant/PA, and my job isn’t just swanning about – it’s a combination of physical and (very) mental work – I earn my pay šŸ™‚

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    0 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (happy now bu'er?)

    1. I’m VERY happy now thank you!! You don’t want a PA, becaue you know that your mind will be elsewhere instead of working!!

      1. There’s nobody could keep up with me to be honest…

    2. In bed or keeping your schedule?

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