Mid week football

    Tonight Spurs host Fulham in the FA Cup quarter final replay…the wineer plays Portsmouth in the semi final (with the added bonus of a home draw) – woop, woop!

    Also tonight, Aston Villa play Sunderland and Man City play Everton – to give us a bit of breathing space in 4th place I’d like to see Sunderland and Everton get all the points…

    Oh, and at some point yesterday I broke 68000 hits 🙂

    Yesterday I got fed up with the ancient mobile I was loaned while my N97 was in for repair so I bought a backup phone – a Nokia (I like Nokia!) 2330 Classic…and it’s very nice 🙂 of course, this led to a phone call from Regenersis at 4.45 yesterday afternoon to let me know my phone was done and ready for pickup – typical huh?

    So I’ll shoot over there in a little while and get it 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “Mid week football

    1. Was I the big 68? I WAS here yesterday! 🙂

    2. No, it was a Russian IP 🙂

    3. HTF do you two get so many hits? I’m surprised at the 70 I get a day, let alone reaching THAT many. Heh.

      My sagging titties must be keeping people away, eh snee?

      1. Um…that’s over 5, nearly 6 years…70 a day? I get maybe 30…maybe they’re not so saggy eh? 😉

    4. I dunno snee, maybe I’ll have to give you another chance and get you a diff pic. I swear, they’re not saggy!

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