Saga of an internet provider

    So, for the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve used BT for my landline and ADSL services at home. I’ve not really had any problems – the speed was pretty constant (averaging about 7mbps), and I never use the landline phone anyway…

    Then, last Monday, getting back from my adventure, I opened my email client (Thunderbird of course!) and checked through my messages while waiting for the bath to run. When I checked the following morning too, I could also get online.

    Then I got home on the Tuesday and found no internet. Being a bit tired, I put it down to network issues, rebooted my router and went to bed thinking it’ll all be good in the morning. But it wasn’t, and, still being a bit lethargic, figured I’d leave it until that evening.

    I finally got around to calling BT on Friday, and got through to a great guy in Tech Support. After accessing my account he astounded me by saying “You don’t have broadband enabled on your phone line.”

    Flabbergasted, I looked from my computer screen to the router and back, did a quick goldfish impression, and explained that I’d had the service for some years now.

    “I know.” he said, “I can see your account history and how’ve you’ve paid for it…but it’s not enabled!”

    Being the calm chap that I am (and there’s no point having a go at people who just happen to be on the end of the phone), I asked him to transfer me to sales and proceeded to place an order (on the bright side – I’ll get the shiny new wireless router with increased range).

    Anyway, got my new login details through by post yesterday, so I tried them out last night and am back connected…new router should arrive at work today, so I’m back online 🙂

    Yet to put my complaint into BT yet though…should be worth a bit of compensation – I mean, I looked bad in London the other day when my wireless login wouldn’t work (I know why now) – couple of months free maybe?

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    1. I was going to ask if you would get any refund. At least the guy was nice and not an ass.

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