Remember me?

    I’ve just had a week off 🙂

    I mean a week off EVERYTHING – I’ve done nothing except eat, read, and watch films. I’ve only left the house twice in the last week – hermit mode is ON! I get so sick of the same faces/places it does me good to have some me time now and then.

    It’s also been a week of detox – I’m bored with the Tudor, and rarely go into town anyway, so in the whole week I’ve had maybe 4 beers.

    Of course, the problem with being a hermit is at some point you have to resurface and face the world – something I’m not keen on (I REALLY don’t like people in general), but come the morning, I’m back at work – have to see what greets me there…

    Anyway, lunchtime – enjoy the rest of Sunday.

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    0 thoughts on “Remember me?

    1. As I get older, I find that I totally like being a hermit..and people just annoy me. Sometimes I don’t want to be that way. I can’t be a full hermit though cause now I have a hubby and not just one kid at home, but now 2…watch out when/if I ever get to retire!

      1. I realised last week that I went 3 days without saying a word – that’s kinda weird…

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