Been a hectic week

    Not had much time to sort out my photos/videos from V yet – managed to upload a few to Flickr, also added a couple of videos to YouTube – check out this one:

    😆 What do you think? should she pursue a career in singing? (admittedly, we were both a little drunk at that point)

    I wanted a picture of the mud, so Harriett posed in it for me – then kept trying to kick mud all over me – here’s a before and after picture (Ha! I won…)


    And this is so funny – Harriett, after I’d dumped her in the mud a few times, trying to kick me (she is DEFINITELY drunk here):

    😀 It was great fun though…and a very good way to get to the front of the stages – nobody wanted to get muddy it seemed.

    Aww, pictures of us together – I soon ditched the blue poncho thing, it kept ripping:

    Paul & Harriett (sober)

    And a little later (after vodka, cider and lager…):


    It was a great weekend though – the only regret is that Harriett tore her shoulder muscle when she decided to join a random group of fellow mud lovers who were wrestling a bit harder than we did. She looks a little forlorn here waiting for an x-ray (and I stayed with her even though the Foo Fighters were playing – what a nice bloke I am…)

    Muddy face and arm in a sling

    🙁 Doc reckons it’ll take 4 weeks to get better…poor Harriett.

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