What a start to the week

    Ah Mondays…

    I was due down at Stansted today – testing at Ryanair and for Aeropeople. Good few hours down there in the pouring rain and howling wind (poetic licence FTW), got back to the office and, as the rain was lashing down drenching me, my key broke in the office lock – fucksocks.

    Managed to get the broken half out of the lock, but how to get in? I had to use all my redundant skills in gaining access*, then sent the boss a text “Can you get me an office key cut – mine’s broken” fully expecting not to hear from him (it’s his birthday today) and semi preparing to spend the night in the office 😐

    Luckily he turned up a few minutes later and told me where the spare was (it’s now on my keyring πŸ˜‰ ) so all’s well that ends well..

    I hate Mondays…

    * All this done in pouring rain – but nobody cares πŸ™

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