A Monday moan (or ‘Moanday’ if you prefer)

    So, I woke up yesterday morning with the usual “I fucking hate Mondays” feeling, but managed to drag my sorry arse out of bed.

    Went to jump in the car for work – fucksocks, a puncture (s’ok though – it was only flat at the bottom 🙂 ). Grabbed the spare wheel and jack out of the boot, jacked the car up, removed wheel and put on the half-sized spare, meaning to run round to the tyre place and get it repaired. Great plan until I released the jack and noticed the spare wheel was flat too…arse.

    Sent the boss a text “Got a puncture, I’ll be late in”, got an “OK” response, so went back to bed for an hour 🙂

    Finally got into work about 10.30 and, as the accountant was there with his secretary, the boss asked if I’d give them a few minutes – no problem, I went into the canteen, had a coffee and talked about football with the other Spurs supporters. Just finished my coffee when the boss came in: “Paul, this is gonna take a few hours – can you go and come back about 1?”

    Yay! a free half day 🙂

    And that was my Monday – I still maintain they’re shit, but some are better than others

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    3 thoughts on “A Monday moan (or ‘Moanday’ if you prefer)

    1. Thinking you would prefer a differnt sort of moan for Moanday! 🙂

    2. snee,

      I believe you meant that you had a flat on your spare tire, not wheel. The “wheel” is the part of set up that is metal, the rubber part is the tire, and if you’re a fancy pants then you may have rims, which is the part of the wheel that holds the tire ontop of the metal.

      You should see the dicks around NY that have rims which cost more than their cars are worth.

      1. Firstly: it’s “tyre” not “tire” 🙂

        I have 15″ alloy rims 🙂 they came as standard though – the car’s only worth about £1000 and adding extras would boost my insurance right up…

        Anyway, I had flats on the front nearside AND the spare.

        And why is it that tyres use both metric and imperial measurements? my wheels are 205/50 15 which means 205mm tread diameter, 50% profile height, and 15″ wheel diameter – it’s fucked up I tell ya

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