I hate rain – it’s wet and cold and just makes me miserable.

    Bring on the summer I say – at least the rain’s a bit warmer then 😉

    I can’t believe my blog doesn’t come up when you google “I hate pandas” – there are a couple of facestalkerbook groups though…talking of which, there seems to be a lot of people posting their ‘name meaning pictures’ so I googled it, and found the meaning for my name here.

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    2 thoughts on “Raining…

    1. OK, I hate to be a dunce, but did I miss something with the panda hating? Did something happen? I saw the first I hate panda’s blog, where the person came to your door. I don’t care if you hate panda’s, I’m just curious why. 🙂

      1. They’re a waste of time – they eat nothing that will sustain them, they’re almost impossible to mate (no, I’ve not tried!). Stop the senseless spending money on them! let the fuckers die out I say!

        …and breathe… 🙂

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