Missed a day

    Well, The fiasco that was the England game seriously made me sad…so sad I turned to the liquid known as ‘Tequila’ and oh boy did I suffer yesterday – I actually got up fine and came into work, then the evil drink started it’s work on my tender head – I ended up going home at 1 as I felt so bad.

    Couple of hours sleep sorted me out fine though – then I realised I hadn’t checked my Lotto ticket from Wednesday night…result! £100 🙂

    Tickets went on sale today for Foo Fighters at Wembley next June – I’m waiting for an email confirmation I’ve managed to hook a couple – keep your fingers and everything else crossed.

    EDIT: I’ve got 2 tickets for the Foo Fighters! wooooohooooooo!!! 🙂 this is one deliriously happy snee…roll on June 6.


    Words cannot put across how happy I am right now – lost the chance to see them at V Festival (for the right reasons though), tried to get to see just about all of their shows in the UK (sold out too damn quick) – but FINALLY I’m gonna see ’em 🙂

    It’s all gravy…

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