A quickie for Friday…

    Been a great week – everything at work is ticking along nicely, and I had a day in Paris on Wednesday at the air show. Was a long day though…up at 2.30am to drive to Luton, arrived in Paris at 8 – FINALLY got to the air show at 12, got my ticket from the company we were there to have a meeting with at 1, which coincided with my needing some lunch (I did get a full english breakfast at Luton airport waiting for the boss and my flight, but 5 hours is a long time for me to go foodless).

    The meeting went very well – may be a trip to Singapore for me in September (16 hour flight – lovely) – but the flight back was delayed an hour (I hate EasyJet – every time I’ve flown with them, there’s been a delay), meaning I didn’t get back to Lisa’s until after midnight, making it a 22 hour day for me, made worse by the fact that everyone else was drinking champagne after the meeting while I was on the black coffee šŸ˜

    Was so tired at work yesterday though I ended up going home for a 3 hour catch-up nap…

    But it’s now only 30 minutes to the weekend šŸ™‚

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    12 thoughts on “A quickie for Friday…

    1. snee – how exactly do you get to “go home for a 3 hour catch-up nap…” ? I pulled 3 double shifts in a row, was falling asleep at my desk, and my boss came over and SLAMMED files on my desk to wake me up. Told me that there’s “no time for napping”. WTF. How did you get so lucky? Whos ass did you have to lick clean for your job, and are they looking for a new ass licker?

      1. Apparently, according to Paul, as a Director he can go home whenever he wants for a catch up nap…lazy sod. šŸ˜Æ

        (Oh, and as he’s sat next to me while I’m typing this, he can even get someone to type his responses for him as well!) šŸ˜

    2. Lisa – I am disappointed that you’re typing his responses for him. I hope he’s paying you back for your labor šŸ˜

      BTW – I totally blogged about your ass today. <3

      1. Arie, I can assure you I am being amply rewarded!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

        Oh, read your comments about my ass! If only that WERE a picture of it! Unfortunately mine would need a wide angle lens and safety barriers around it! Picture small to medium hippo and you’re on the right lines… šŸ˜Æ

        1. Oh, and Lisa? From what snee tells me, your ass is NOTHING like a hippo – no matter what size it is. (and now I have “the Thong Song” stuck in my head. Thanks)

          1. …and there was snee saying that he was a gentleman!!! šŸ™„

            (I can’t help it … I only have thongs!) šŸ˜‰

    3. You’ve got Lisa typing your responses now?
      Don’t you think it is time for some bloggy admissions of some sort?

      1. Well, Lisa wanted to put something along the lines “We’re shagging like rabbits”, but I thought it best not to.

        1. Hehehehe šŸ˜‰

    4. Is it bad that when I read “shagging like rabbits” all I could think of is Whabs face on a bunnys body? šŸ˜Æ

      1. And Lisa thinks MY head is a strange place…

        1. Well, it is a strange place. That doesn’t mean that others aren’t strange too!! šŸ˜Æ

          Got to be honest … I’ve got that image in my head now!!

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