Nokia N900

    I’ve had this phone for nearly 8 months now and I love it – the only thing that could improve it is if the keyboard hinged upwards when opened (like the N97). Other than that, it’s great! a full Linux operating system in a pocket sized package 🙂

    A couple of weeks back, I installed Android onto the SD card and finally got around to booting into that last night while Lisa was cooking dinner (and what a dinner it was: roast lamb, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas, gravy and yorkshire puddings – I can honestly say I was quite stuffed when I finished it), and it’s really good – so good in fact, I may start using it rather than the built-in Maemo OS (it’s quite novel – and VERY geeky 😉 – to have a dual boot phone.

    Still having issued with the ‘Error 500 – internal server error’ with my webspace and have been in touch with 1and1 support to see if they can help me out – I’ve tried completely reinstalling WordPress a couple of times as well as moving the database, but the error pops up a lot. The editor won’t allow me to add post tags, the media upload throws up the error (although the image does get uploaded), and it’s frustrating the hell outta me – I might have to go back to the hosted blog…

    Ah well, must get on with some work – have a good day 🙂

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    8 thoughts on “Nokia N900

    1. i hate my phone. it’s a piece of crap samsung that has a mind of it’s own. it reboots itself whenever it wants, it drops calls, and not jsut drops them…but the call fades for the person on the other end, then it’s gone. turns itself off, unlocks itself, you name phone does it. oh, did i mention that it’s the 3rd one i’ve had and my phone service would only rather replace it than giving me something completely different?

    2. Is the “Error 500” message the reason you leave it so long between blogs or would that just be coz you can’t get your lazy ass in gear????? hehe 😐

      1. Um…yes 🙂

        1. That wouldn’t be ANOTHER lie would it???!! 😯

    3. hey, don’t ever nag at me to blog when you haven’t since June 30th mister!

    4. I know that I’m queen of the oblivious, but uhm – is your .com’s image now that of lisa wearing sunglasses?

      I think that’s a sign of l-o-v-e.

      Just sayin.

      1. Um…well it SHOULD be a pic of me in my ‘Paul of Morocco’ headgear

        1. I’m going to have to be careful what pictures I send you!!! 😯

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