Why you should NEVER ask me what I’m thinking…

    So, there I was one morning, just woken up, layinh there grinning to myself.

    “What are you thinking?” asked Lisa, no doubt thinking I’d come out with some fluffy comment.

    “Well,” I began, “I was just thinking about painting monkeys – not in a watercolour, but using a roller..do you think purple or yellow monkeys would look best?”

    Personally, I prefer the idea of purple monkeys, but that’s just me…

    On another occasion, I decided an army of blue ducks would be a cool thing to have – Lisa thought they’d look better with tin hats 😐

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    5 thoughts on “Why you should NEVER ask me what I’m thinking…

    1. The only fluffy things I can think of are kittens that have just come out of the dryer!!! 😈

      1. …and the ducks DO need tin hats. It would be wrong to send them into battle without the appropriate head gear!! 🙂

    2. I have to agree with the purple monkey idea. It’s just more appealing to the eye, and so much more fun to think of. “Hey, did you hear the story about snee’s purple monkey…?”

      PS – glad you updated.

      Another PS – Lisa needs her own section of your blog – or one of her own…. Just sayin’…

      1. My life is too uninteresting to blog!! I’m much better at standing on the sidelines, throwing sarcastic comments at snee!! 😉

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