Black 24

    Another weekend almost over – another good one though 🙂 got to see my friends before they move back to the US, got back to town Friday night and decided to grab a couple of quick beers so I parked up at home and walked into town.

    Now, to set the scene: My original plan was to stay over at my friends and drive back Saturday, but I came back. Harriett is taking it easy with a bad back so she was only going to the cinema with her friend.

    Unbeknown to me, Harriett had got back and decided to have ‘1 or 2’ drinks – this turned out to be a mixture of allsorts and she was just a little drunk – here’s a video I took:

    I’d just like to add, that no wheelie bins or Harriett’s were harmed or mistreated in this video.

    Saturday morning I missed a special delivery from the postman – it’s GOT to be my Foo Fighters tickets 🙂 – I can’t wait – had these ordered since November. That’ll be Harriett and me next Friday – Wembley stadium 😀

    The week after that I finish on Friday 13th (ruh, roh) and am off until the 26th 😆

    I’m so looking forward to my holiday….

    Oh yeah, you might wonder about the title of this post – When my friends said they were going to Vegas, that’s the first thing that popped into my head…I’m sure there’s a joke about voices in your head and black 24 – probably on Sickipedia somewhere.

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    1. wow my mum looks sooooooooo
      drunk what da hell has she been drinkin?

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