The herding instinct

    So, as it was a bank holiday on Monday (a GENUINE one – not one of my ‘I thought it was’ jobbies), and Lisa didn’t have the kids, we decided on a day in sunny Bedford. Well, actually, we decided to go see a film, but got there really early so went for breakfast first (mmm…breakfast).

    This is where we ended up – and I must say it looks pretty good (so good in fact, that we decided to go back there for a meal sometime – but more about that later).

    On entering, we decided to both have a full English breakfast, with the option of fried, scrambled, or poached eggs, and approached the bar.

    Now, to say the guy who took our order didn’t seem quite the full shilling would be putting it mildly – he faffed about with the touch screen to order our food, neglected to ask how we wanted our eggs (important that bit), and finally said “Where are you sitting? I’ll bring the drinks over.”

    We pointed to a table and went and sat down at it. I said to Lisa that he’d probably ask the egg question (no, not which came first…) when he bought the drinks over – alas this was not to be – a woman bought them to us and wandered off.

    Now, having paid almost £20 for 2 breakfasts and drinks, it was a little disconcerting to see that we both had fried eggs when the food arrived – and that the eggs were what I call ‘snotty’. I was hungry so ate mine anyway – Lisa left hers.

    It was the owner who collected our plates when we were done and he asked if everything was ok. “Not really,” was our reply and explained how we’d had no option regarding the eggs, and how they weren’t really cooked properly. He was apologetic, and spoke to the guy who served us. Imagine our surprise when a couple of minutes later, another guy came over with a refund for the food 🙂 bonus!

    From there, we went to the cinema and watched ‘The Inbetweeners’ – wasn’t overly impressed with that to be honest.

    Then we went for a late lunch (I know it sounds like we ate a lot in a short time, but we really didn’t), and back home.

    The end.

    Oh yeah – the herding instinct bit: Being the first into the cinema, we had the pick of the seats, so chose (in my opinion), the best ones. We sat there for a few minutes and more people started coming in. Now, faced with an empty cinema to sit in, they panicked and the herding instinct kicked in, making them sit close to us – as more and more people entered, they did the same – it was actually quite sad.

    A good day all in all 🙂

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