Another great weekend

    Lisa didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we went out for a drink Friday and Saturday night. Our usual thing is head to the King’s Head for a couple, play some pool (Lisa is quite the player – beating me more and more now), then head off to the Pig and Falcon to listen to whatever band is playing.

    Sunday means an invite to Bri and Von’s for dinner (Von is a great cook 🙂 ). This week Tash (Von’s youngest daughter), and Bob were also there, so a fun afternoon was spent (Spurs played Blackburn in the football and beat them 1-2 so our unbeaten run is now 6 games – Chelsea lost to QPR which didn’t go down too well with Bri…).

    As Lisa isn’t working today (half-term and no childminder for today), she decided we should go for a drink before heading home – so back to the King’s Head for drinks and pool.

    A good weekend all in all 🙂

    So, this morning, sitting in the office looking at the news etc., I found the UK Citizenship test and decided to have a go – I failed, scoring 10 out of 24 (42%) 😐

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    4 thoughts on “Another great weekend

    1. I miss you 🙁

      1. I’ll have to try to blog funnier, and more often 🙂

    2. No need to resort to funny blog posts, just a blog post to let us know how you are would be good. Or an email. Or a FB message. Hell, I’d even settle for a smoke signal at this point.

    3. Oooooo, don’t encourage him to play with fire. You shouldn’t let children play with matches!! 😉

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