(Almost) normal service is resumed

    Finally got around to uploading the pics from my holiday (the only topless ones are of me – more than my life’s worth to do otherwise…) – see them on my Flickr page here.

    Next thing is to upload the videos to YouTube…

    It was a great week all in all, ther only bad point was the delayed flight back meaning I missed Lee’s funeral. I’d recommend La Pineda in Spain for anyone looking for a good holiday – the weather was great, food was awesome, beer was cheap and plentiful (1 litre of San Miguel for 1.45 euros 🙂 ).

    For the first time in years, I’ve actually got a suntan – even my legs got to see some sun. Actually, for the week, all I wore were shorts, shades and sandles – was a bit of a shock getting back to England and having to wear even a t shirt, then last night it rained when I was on my way to see the footy, so yet another shock having to put a jacket on…

    Spain got through to the final though – up against the krauts. C’mon Spain!

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