It’s Friday!

    And as such, I finish at 1pm 🙂

    Oh yes, I’m now officially paying tax and stuff at work (shock horror!), and we got rid of the ‘dead wood’ – as such, Tim (the twat) and Mick ‘Dunno mate’ have now gone.

    And with Tim gone, it’s a much happier place in the workshop – no misery guts to bring a downer on everyone.

    Which reminds me – the everlasting 34p…

    Someone (probably in a pub), told Tim that he’d be better off quitting work to look after his lunatic (seriously, she’s been locked in psych wards on several occasions), pig ugly Thai wife as he’d get all sorts of benefits. So he did, taking the opportunity to get redundancy pay also.

    Thing is, redundancy pay is gonna take about 8 weeks to actually get, so Tim (the twat) has suddenly found himself not very well off at all – he even called the office the other day to try to borrow money saying he only had 34p to his name.

    Since then, I’ve seen him in 2 different pubs, and going into the supermarket, so I’m thinking this guy can REALLY stretch his money! (and why is it I see him more now than when I worked with him?)


    Got a new phone 🙂 the HTC One X:

    Lovely bit of kit – HUGE screen, blindingly fast, and 25gb storage on Dropbox is pretty cool too.

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    6 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

    1. I’m so happy to see you’re blogging again! Yay!

      Would it be horrible of me to say that “I have had this phone for a week, and only taken it out of the box once, and don’t know how to use it?”

      Holy shit batman, did I get a new techy toy before snee???

      1. You may have had it before me, but I actually use it 😛

    2. To be fair … you could have had it sooner, but you were in Bulgaria and wouldn’t have been able to test it out! And yes, you do actually use it – you’re never off the bloody thing!! 😛 mwah

      1. Bulgaria? do I look like a womble? (don’t answer that!). I think you may have meant Belgium 🙂

    3. The wombles were from Wimbledon Common…one just happened to be called ‘Great Uncle Bulgaria’ and, No, you don’t look like a womble. But you DO sound like Bagpuss!! 😛

    4. new post please!

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