Back to normality

    (Well, as close as I can get to normality before Lisa says it)

    So, so busy at work: I’m in Bournemouth next Monday and Tuesday, got transport booked to ship my test equipment up to Prestwick where I’ll be for the whole of the following week, I have to arrange to get the test stuff shipped from there to Hahn where I’ll be the week after that…then I think I’ll be back in the office for a week (maybe – got to go see the Ryanair people in Dublin at some point).

    I like being busy – the days fly by. The only trouble is I am so tired by 9pm (mumble, mumble, ‘old age’ mutter, mutter). Even my weekly ‘Curry Night’™ is being affected – I went out last night at 5.45pm and was back by 7.45pm. Admittedly, I was gonna watch the football, but ended up watching ‘Safe House’ (well, some of it – I was dropping off halfway through).

    Can’t wait for a holiday 😐

    Funniest site (for me) at the moment: Text from dog

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