The weekend


    Finished work at 1pm, paid a few bills etc., had a bath and got right onto the important things in life: getting a few beers down me 🙂

    And then this happened:

    Resulting in this:


    What actually happened is Wendy, with an empty box in front of her, decided to sit in it and asked us to send her home. So her brother (Dennis) and me taped her into the box, then Andy (her fiance) and me carried her outside for ritual humiliation…as you do 😀

    The rest of Friday is a blur of drink etc.


    VERY hungover…managed to get out of bed, bath and eat, then did some shopping before, you guessed it – getting back on the beer.

    Dennis and I decided to get wasted – so we did…VERY much so…


    Ah Sundays – the last day of the weekend, a day to calm it down ready for the week…

    Well, in theory.

    Cue much beer, an impromptu water/beer fight in the Tudor whereon everyone decided to swap clothes (very surreal…)

    Never managed to make it into work on Monday…sigh.

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